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Horse & rider from heart to hoofHorse & rider from heart to hoof

Our riding is based on classical dresssage techniques with a focus on enjoyment, reading and communicating with the horse and most importantly developing feel. The lightness you will learn to ride with reflects through to the horse who will reward you with an enjoyable ride and the chance to learn new riding skills.

We specialise in JENT (Jenkins Equine Neurophysiologic Therapy) which encompasses Myofacial Release, Massage and Red light therapy. Our hoofcare service focuses on trimming hooves into correct, natural, balanced form, specialising in transitioning horses out of shoes and into Barefoot performance and rehabilitating all hoof pathologies including laminitis, founder and navicular syndrome.

Now specialising in online coaching, video assessment and publishing educational materials, you can reach out to Pure Equestrian from anywhere in the world. No matter if you are a beginner child, or a competitive adult - We can put you in contact with therapists, trimmers and instructors across Australia, and in some overseas countries so that you have the very best of the best as part of your equestrian team.

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